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2020 has been quite the year, but through all of its craziness we stayed strong, improvised, adapted, and overcame. Here is some of the most recent happenings and goings on here at Shook House Films.


Peach Bowl 2021 with ESPN

Happy New Year sports fans! Broadcast by ESPN and taking place at the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta Georgia, check out the highlights from the game we covered on ESPN College Football's Channel.

Ringloom (2021) Wrapped Post Production

I’m very happy to finally be able to share this. Here’s the official poster for our short film Ringloom, directed by Justin Solaiman and Hudson King. 

"A young trainee with aspirations to become a “pilot”, a form of enhanced human, takes one last evaluation before deciding to return home, but the interview untangles as she is forced to come to terms with a traumatic incident that occurred a year prior."

Check out all the latest news regarding screenings, releases, and film fest circuit runs on the film's IMDb page.

Breach (2020) Out Now!

"Fleeing a devastating plague on Earth, an interstellar ark comes under attack from a new threat; a shape-shifting alien force intent on slaughtering what is left of humanity."


This cheesy sci-fi film stars Bruce Willis and was honestly a blast to create over the summer of 2019, and now the full version is available in select theaters, On Demand, and digital as of December 18, 2020, Check out the trailer on IGN's channel.

 Behind the Lens A PC&E Documentary on Amazon Prime Video

I am excited to announce that "Behind the Lens: A PC&E Story" is now streamable and rentable on Amazon Prime Video! Directed by Nick Theriot and hosted by the famous rental house PC&E, I had the opportunity to be the Director of Photography for this inside look at the workings and history of one the biggest names in Georgia's film scene. Check it out on Amazon Prime Video!

Encounter Season 2  - Pureflix

Airing on Pureflix's streaming service, The Encounter franchise is one of the company's flagship titles featuring two movies and a television show. I had the opportunity to work on the entire second season of the television show as a part of the G&E team. you can read all about my experiences on my Gallery Page or check out the show on

"To the Stars." Adjusting Film During COVID19 

The COVID19 virus' outbreak changed the world forever. bringing many a production to a grinding halt. During the following months, the Georgia film industry began to implement new rules for workers to follow so that they could safely continue without the risk of spreading disease. "To The Stars" is a short film directed by Jeremy Crouch that I served as an AC on and it was one of the first productions to implement the CDC's regulations in order to keep us safe while creating. Masks were worn at all times, contact limitation within departments was organized, and a dedicated COVID Compliance Officer was introduced to the regular crew roster.

"2020 East Lake Cup" With NBC Golf. Adjusting to Live Sports During COVID 19

After participating in "To the Stars," I assisted in the televised broadcast of the East Lake Cup with NBC Golf and Universal. The live sports scene was changing as well.  Each production soonafter, regardless of who was hosting it, began to feature posted Covid regulations, socially distanced zoning, pre-packaged catering and rapid testing before arriving to work. Changes such as these would become a common sight as the film industry, as well as the rest of the world, began to reopen. 


"TimePiece" - ATL48 Hour Submission

Heaven's Krows Productions and the KillerFinds team reached out to me to assist in the production of a submission to the Atlanta 48 Film Fest. The challenge of the festival was to write, shoot, edit, and submit a short film in under 48 Hours and I got the chance to be a co-writer during preproduction and the Cinematographer during the production itself.  The team and crew was fantastic to work with and it is always exciting to see one's vision spring off the paper and onto the big screen!


Challenge to Change Class Leader's Lyceum

During the weeks of the nation-wide quarantine, I was contacted by members of the Leader's Lyceum to edit a collection of instructorial videos to be viewed as part of an exclusive online class centered around effective leadership. Calling the project "Challenge to Change," a little over six modules for the class was created over the course of the following months.  Get all the information about their amazing and informative program on their website: