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Pepsi Super Bowl LIII Halftime Show
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Adam Levine and Maroon 5 perform at the Pepsi Super Bowl LIII Halftime Show featuring Travis Scott and Big Boi. The New England Patriots battle the Los Angeles Rams during Super Bowl LIII.


 (Camera Utility)

The Coronating Trailer

A Dark Fantasy/Surreal Horror Short Film "A knight, plagued with doubts about the coronation of a new king, is visited by a mysterious stranger." Directed by Hudson King and Justin Solaiman.

 (Associate Producer)

The Story of ZipString!

The story of ZipString is now live on their website as well as several social media ads, tv spots and commercials featuring this new product, First appearing on ABC's Shark Tank, this unique and entertaining string-launching toy is now available for purchase on their website as well as major retailers. 

(Voice Actor and Narrator)

Prodigal Korea

Prodigal Korea is a video documentary that investigates the common struggles of 2nd and 3rd Generation Korean Americans and a call for all Koreans and Christians to return to a Christ-centered Church culture. Stream the full feature on RedeemTV.

(Grip and Electrical Department - Best Boy)

The Promised Land: Behind the Scenes Promo

The Promised Land is an up-and-coming comedy series based on the Biblical Book of Exodus and filmed in the style of The Office. This promotional video gives a behind the scenes look at the production of the pilot episode. You can follow the production on their official IMDbPro page.

(Grip Department - Best Boy)

Love, Courage, and the Battle of Bushy Run

Love, Courage, and the Battle of Bushy Run is a feature-length historical drama by Triple Horse Studios.

“In 1763, Britain won the world-wide Seven Years War causing the French to abandon the American colonies. With the French gone, the Native Americans feared the British would seek revenge. Ottawa Chief Pontiac convinced many tribes to strike first. Some did so willingly, others were forced to fight. Their ultimate target was Fort Pitt. The combatants on both sides deployed unconventional and often brutal strategies and tactics. Colonel Henry Bouquet, with a rag-tag group of British soldiers, Scottish Highlanders and American volunteers, was tasked with trying to save the hundreds of men, women and children facing certain death in Fort Pitt. The little-known Battle of Bushy Run changed the course of world history… This is that story.”

(Grip Department)

Ringloom (Short 2020)

 A drama/surreal horror thriller short with elements of fantasy and near future sci-fi. Recreating these feelings through a dream-like genre lens was our goal, and we hope you are able to get something of reward out of your viewing of the film.

A young trainee with aspirations to become a “pilot”, a form of enhanced human, takes one last evaluation before deciding to return home, but the interview untangles as she is forced to come to terms with a traumatic incident that occurred a year prior.



(Grip Department)

Breach (2020) - Trailer

On the cusp of fatherhood, a junior mechanic aboard an interstellar ark to New Earth must outwit a malevolent cosmic terror intent on using the spaceship as a weapon in this sci-fi/action feature that is a loveletter to the classic, space-opera era of movies and television


Starring: Bruce Willis, Rachel Nichols, Kassandra Clementi, Cody Kearsley Directed By: John Suits

(Grip Department)

Behind The Lens: A PC&E Story in collaboration with Shook House Films proudly presents Behind The Lens: A PC&E Story. This documentary takes a look at an Atlanta filmmaking icon, PC&E. Whether it is commercial or feature films, PC&E has provided the best lighting, camera, grip and sound stage services to Atlanta for over 30 years. Highlighted is the impact of PC&E on local filmmaking, how the company was founded and how they are making a difference, one person and one production at a time. Stream it now on Amazon Prime Video.


 (Director of Photography)

Romanze - A Style You'll Love

Romanze - A Style You'll Love is a 60-second television commercial created for a fashion line called Romanze. Created by director Tordum Bakpo and assistant director Harley Shook, the commercial was used as one of the final projects for a directing class.

(Assistant Director)

Courtney Remillard: Professional Animator

Courtney Remillard is a graduate of The Art Institute of Atlanta with a degree in animation. She is the successful creator of multiple comics and one of the creators of the animated short film Beware (2016). This documentary showcases her accomplishments in her field and displays her many talents.

(Director, Editor)

Accidentally Enhanced Screening Trailer

This teaser trailer is made for the short film Accidentally Enhanced. This student sci-fi film turned personal project revolves around a father and daughter adapting to their new reality after an accident changes their perspectives on cybernetically enhanced humans.

(Writer, Producer, Director, Editor)

Abbadabba's: Define Yourself 

Abbadabba's: Define Yourself  is a short television commercial created for as a final project for an Entrepreneurship class. Shoutout to our local Abbadabba's located in Little Five Points, Atlanta. The staff is stellar and we are extremely thankful for them allowing us to close down the entire store for an evening.

(Director of Photography, Editor)

AiA Showcase: Madison Eigel

This short documentary centers around outstanding AiA student Madison Eigel and her adventures in the realm of visual effects. This documentary is a pilot for a potential series that would be produced through The Art Institute of Atlanta's film club, AiA Media. The main idea for this series is to showcase students in the school and recognize them for their achievements.

Disclaimer: I do not own James Cameron's AVATAR. All rights belong to him and the respective studios and crew members who worked on the project.

(Director, Editor)

Rock-A-Bye (2020) - Teaser

Directed by Franky Reeves, this film focuses on an Iraq War veteran who, after discovering he has cancer, decides to track down the estranged mother of his teenage son. Stream it now on TubiTV!

(Senior Compositor/VFX)

Chris and Hetvi's Wedding Video

Chris and Hetvi's Wedding Video is a collaboration project with friend and filmmaker Jillian Leigh Kibler and my first wedding video. Special thanks to Jillian for teaching me so much and making this project awesome! Check out her work here:

(Camera Op.)

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