The making of / Behind the scenes

It's a well known fact that filmmaking is a group effort. I have had the honor and pleasure of working with several extremely talented Directors, Cinematographers, Gaffers, Visual Artists, and Sound Specialists both in and out of school to create many, many breathtaking projects. Here are a few highlights of what really goes on behind the camera:

Personal Projects:

Accidentally Enhanced:

A driven cop, a worried mother, and a neglected daughter. The year is 2052 and humanity has found a way to finally meld with machine. Cybernetic augmentation is the latest fad and with so many people crazed over this new trend, somebody’s got to keep them in line. Enter Sam Herschel, sergeant of a Cybernetic Crimes Division who has made it his life’s mission to deal with the ever-looming threat of cybernetic enhancements rejecting the organic brains of their hosts, and going haywire. Sam’s fervent dedication to keeping the world safe from rampant cybernetics impacts negatively on his family life, but all that changes when his artist daughter April loses her arm in an accident.

A great big thanks to all who are involved with making this project possible!

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